Dr. Edward A. Becker, M.D., F.R.A.C. working at Golden State Dermatology, specializes in providing treatment of various skin conditions that originate from the skin or the epidermis. He has been practicing in the San Francisco area for the past 15 years and holds national and international titles. Recently, he established a center for skin care called the Center for Healthy Skin. In this article, we’ll take a look at his practice and his treatment procedures. It is important to note that most, if not all, of these skin conditions are not severe and can be treated without the use of cosmetic products.

Partners at Golden State Dermatology

“I’m very happy to partner with Golden State Dermatology in creating a new line of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our patients,” said Dr. Becker. “The combination of a beautiful setting and highly trained staff is sure to bring benefits to our patients and to our practice. Our goal is to provide a fast, efficient, professional service while emphasizing on the safety and comfort of our patients.” “The goal of our Center for Healthy Skin is to offer an innovative and comprehensive approach to caring for people of all skin types and ages,” added Dr. Becker. “In doing so, we believe that we are providing a great service to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Dermatologists in the San Francisco area and throughout the country use the services of Dr. Becker’s Center for Healthy Skin for patients with a wide variety of skin conditions, including acne, wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation and many others. Some of the skin conditions that Dr. Becker specializes in include; skin cancer, laser skin removal, acne scarring, psoriasis, melanoma and vitiligo. He also treats skin conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo with his patients using laser technology. Many patients who have been treated by Dr. Becker have described their experience as one of the most positive skin care experiences of their lives.

Acne or scarring, Dr. Becker covers it all

For those patients suffering from acne, Dr. Becker offers a unique solution to acne scarring, repairing damaged skin tissue through a series of acne scar laser treatments. The first step to treating this severe problem is to consult with your local dermatologist to assess your skin type and determine the best course of treatment for your particular skin condition. Next, you will be given a treatment regimen, which may include chemical peels or dermabrasion. The final step in the treatment procedure involves tattooing of a small number of targeted acne scars, either temporary or permanent.

Golden State Dermatology Center is number one choice

Patients undergoing treatment at The Golden State Dermatology Center do not have to fear the prospect of a traditional medical procedure, as the Center for Healthy Skin believes, “No treatment is better than a natural remedy.” The treatment plans used at the Center for Healthy Skin are based on a holistic approach that encourages not only improvement in the skin but also improvement in the entire body. The goal of these programs is to reduce swelling and redness, improve flexibility, and increase the patient’s skin quality. In addition, patients can expect a natural improvement in their acne scars after the treatment is completed. A certified patient consultant is available to help them in the process of evaluating their skin condition. In the application of the recommended treatment protocols.

Patients suffering from acne are encouraged to work closely with their Golden State Dermatology staff. To develop a comprehensive skin care program that will address both symptoms and causes of acne. This type of treatment can offer quick and effective relief, while eliminating the possibility of scarring. For more information on The Golden State Dermatology Center or a full range of specialty services. Please visit our website today. We’re sorry that we cannot provide personal medical advice, but rest assured that our highly trained staff are happy and proud to provide you with the latest in acne scar care!